By:Adamu Muhammad

Governance is a continuum that requires a multi-partisan commitment to a set of standards and expectations, which the society must never fall below. Nigeria has tended to suffer from breaks in this supposed continuum, where individuals seek personal glory over the good of the collective, which has tended to manifest in each successive leadership deviating from the policies, programmes and projects of their predecessors.
President Muhammadu Buhari came at a very crucial moment in Nigeria’s history and ensured that he continued with the projects of his predecessor and what Nigeria needs now is consolidation of the gains made during his presidency. As the Nigerian military makes progress on the battlefront, there is a need for a complementary healing of the wounds off the battlefields to truly bring the conflicts to an end, and build buffers within the populace to ensure prevent reoccurrence or sliding back to these crises.
2023 presents another opportunity, and a very crucial make-or-mar one at that, not just for us to choose our leader but to choose one who will lead Nigeria into the future considering the widening cleavages across ethnic and religious lines. Nigeria needs a unifier more than anything else at this point in her history and no one else fits the bill better than Former President Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, a man who has shown in word and deed that he is a believer in the oneness of Nigeria and her growth to meet the aspirations of a diverse people.
The question for 2023 is how do we choose a President and Commander in Chief who will bring us back from the brink, defuse the tensions amongst our peoples and reset the national operating system to meet the needs of a 21st century society that is multicultural and multi-religious. We have a serious challenge before us, and we need someone who understands the nation and its present mood to lead us into a new future.
Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan did not just make the declaration that “my ambition is not worth the blood any citizen”, he displayed this by proactively taking away any uncertainties that unscrupulous elements could have taken advantage of to foment crisis immediately following the 2015 elections. Such a person, who has shown both in and out of office that his only concern is the development of Nigeria, is best suited for the unique interplay of circumstances in Nigeria’s current situation.
Thankfully, President Muhammadu Buhari has made it clear that he does not intend to stay beyond his constitutionally allowed second term in office, which makes it imperative that there is continuity and taking the “Next Level” plank on which he ran for the second term in 2019 to the “next level”. Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, who willingly and timeously conceded victory to President Buhari, and set the stage for a seamless transition for the first time in Nigeria’s history, is the best man to consolidate on the progress made thus far. He has shown that he holds no grudges against former political rivals and remains the most Pan Nigerian in the sea of possible candidates in the running, considering the fact that there is a growing clamour for presidency to return to the south.
Some have argued that a Jonathan presidency would be shortchanging the south, with him having a single term left under the 1999 constitution. This line of argument fails to take into consideration the fact that President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua did not even complete his first term no to talk of doing eight years to balance out the north/south rotation. As it stands now, the 8year Buhari presidency still leaves the north in deficit, so the best berth in evening out this imbalance to allow for another northerner to do an 8year term which would then give 18years each for the north and south in the fourth republic.
The elite of the country have a chance to show that they believe in Nigeria beyond personal interests and preserving their stranglehold on tiny blocks within the corridors of power, whereas the whole shrinks under the weight of insurgencies, separatist movements and other divisive interests. These divisive interests will only increase if another dogfight is allowed to ensue in the buildup to the 2023 election. We need a consensus among the elite going forward, to highlight the things that unite us, rather than a battle that would put the spotlight on things that divide us. If we must defeat the forces against us for good, by sustaining the progress made in the last 8years, we cannot afford to gamble by putting Nigeria through the strains of another divisive campaign season, we need to go the 1999 route to reboot our patriotic spirit.
To achieve this we in this movement say that Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is a God sent at this point in time and provides the best opportunity if we are still interested in keeping the nation one and growing going forward. The polity needs to be reminded of the fact that the competition for development has gone global we cannot sustain a system where the component parts of Nigeria see each other as complementary parts of a whole, rather than competitors for limited resources that will only decline if not actively grown.

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