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Buhari, you lied, you are corrupt, insincere- Usman



By Clare Nwaiwu

The Director General of Get Involved, a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO), Comrade Idris Usman has punctured President Muhammadu Buhari’s self assessment in which Buhari boasted that he is above board with regards to corruption.

Buhari in a recent statement ascribed to him, had said that none of his critics can accuse him of corruption.

Usman in a statement on Wednesday, said Nigerians should take the president’s comment with a pinch of salt. According to him, it’s only because the President is feeling or thinking of his supporters as being ignorant, that can be the reason for such a boastful statement.

The DG said that “no President ever steals directly from the state’s purse, they rather steal by proxy”.

“President Buhari’s government has a large scale of corruption going on, corruption unprecedented! It is corruption beyond the thoughts of Nigerians. President Buhari and his cronies have entered deals that sent funds to their private pockets. Till today, nobody has explained to Nigerians what happened to the NNPC contract that was raised by a serving minister in the Buhari Administration,nobody has accounted for the MTN deal.

“President Buhari’s administration has taken Nigerians for granted; there is abuse of court Process, abuse of the rule of law, abuse of human rights, the killings upon killings that go on everyday. These show an incompetent President. Therefore President Buhari has no moral standing to say that he is not corrupt.

“His government and himself inclusive are very corrupt. He has lost every integrity by the deals that brought him to power that he used to finance his campaign. The funds he used to finance his campaign are proceeds of corruption. But Nigerians are wiser now.

“Not all Nigerians are like his supporters who are ignorant and carried away by such statements. By the time President is done with power in 2019, he will see how corrupt his government has been,” Usman said.

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