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Desolation of the Niger Delta: When the Hausa/Fulani are Not to Blame.


By: Alex Ehimhantie-Aiyo Edaghese

Is it really the Hausa/Fulani or is it about us – our greed in the South-South? You have NDDC. You have the Ministry of the Niger Delta. All catering to one region. Also, you want 10% of the Net Profit of the Oil Companies doing business in the Niger Delta. And the Northern political leaders who dare to speak (Anthony Sani of the Arewa Consultative Forum and Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, former Governor of Kano State) said no. You are “skewing” more money to the same region. And they are right. Take a look at what Akpabio did with NDDC Funds within six months. The truth is, if NDDC was doing right, the Ministry of the Niger Delta would have NOT have been created. And in the face of the massive looting of public funds at NDDC, you want another 10% of the yearly net profit of oil companies doing business in the Niger Delta in the name of Host Community Funds. And that is why we are where we are today about the PIB. I have been on the PIB saga, environmental pollution, and social unrest in the Niger Delta since 2010 when I began my graduate program in Energy and Environmental Law, and much as I am naturally tempted to indict Chief Anthony Sani and former Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger State for engineering the intransigence in the NASS, it is the greed and the culture of silence shrouding the disappearance of accountability within NDDC and the Ministry of Niger Delta that fuels the intransigence. I did a research paper on SONATRACH and the Algerian Hydro Carbon Law (SONATRACH is Algerian version of our NNPC), until we are willing to start sending the entire leadership of our petroleum sector with a tainted hand to Kiri Kiri, all the Akpabios will continue to loom large and the Kaduna Refinery will continue to gulp billions of Dollars yearly as expenses, but producing nothing. If the Hausa/Fulani must be indicted, it is because of the leadership they provide – those they recruit and perpetuate in office as leaders in the industry. Before I forget, SONATRACH is one of the leading State-owned Oil Companies in the world today. Finally, I must add that the fact that we have corruption and squandering of riches at NNPC and other Federal establishments, does not vitiate the indictment of NDDC here. Wrong is wrong. By the way, the road that NDDC constructed through my village did not last one season of rainfall. The shallow asphalt that they poured on the ground was washed away without resistance. Hausa/Fulani did not construct the road.

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