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#EdoDecides2020: Selfish Politicians Exploiting the Vulnerability of the Poor Masses During Campaigns Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic.



As political activities continue to take center stage leading to the Gubernatorial election in Edo State come September 19, The political class in the state are using the process to exploit the vulnerability of the poor masses in the state by their total disregard for the INEC and NCDC guidelines on political rallies and campaigns.

In the last one week, I took my time to monitor campaigns and rallies in the state and observed the huge crowds that are mobilized to the venue of these rallies and campaigns by the major political actors in the state with many of these persons not wearing facemask of even adhering to the social distancing protocol but on the contrary, you could see the political bigwigs wearing face mask to protect themselves while the poor masses a left bare.

In a bid to find out why some of these persons attended such rallies and campaign despite the spread of the covid-19 virus, it wasn’t far fetched that money was involved.

I decided to speak with a few of them I met with and they gave same answers that they were paid between 1000 – 3000 naira to attend the political rallies i then reminded them that the covid-19 virus was still very much active even though they laughed it off and said God forbid it wasn’t their portion to get infected with the virus as they only came out to look for daily bread especially at this very period that they are guaranteed of making some little change during the campaigns in the state.

When will our political class begin to put the interest of the masses first?

Benedict Aguele wrote this piece from Benin City, Edo State Twitter: @benaguele

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