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Dismantling the Nigerian government and Boko Haram Propaganda of deeds


By: Musa Ali Maishanu.

Even in the realm of social discourse. Propaganda to issues such as true or not true, Boko Haram kidnapped and killed, nigerian security troops arrested a christian suicide bomber in kaduna state in an attempt to bomb a church and citizens to believe it or to discard it as meaningless is my duty to do so.

Even though, there were many muslims and christians, including non- believers from the entire federal republic of Nigeria or across the world or around the globe responding to the alleged event of an attempt to bomb a church in Kaduna state by the recruited or hired suicide bomber. But unfortunately, he was being caught in the suicide scene by the nigerian security forces. Moreover, as an expert in this field, i think i have the right to professionally digest on the issue of this more than any nigerian. Because i have sacrifice my precious life to carry out a research on the Insurgency and Terrorism in the country before the so-called APC led-administration came into power. Then, during the research i was arrested and detained by Nigerian army in mubi Adamawa state. And, therefore, i know how the so-called security troops, government and the terrorists or insurgents distinctly separate to operates, especially in terms of propaganda of deed and telling lies.

In order to take our people out of the state of anomie. Then, there is the need to orient our people. Please note that in a country like nigeria where an insurgency and terrorism far exceed beyond the state of absolute state of security. The propaganda of deed from the cell of insurgents and terrorists is certain. And that’s why they are currently kidnapping and broadcasting the events of execution live in the country. So, those who are watching and feeling unpleasant or hearing from different sources about the sense of injustice. Please don’t worry about it because is not real, believe me you, they are just doing it to alienate the masses from government or to cause communal hatred and conflict or to destroy public confidence and to publicise their cause of atrocities. While, on the part of nigerian government and its security troops assigned to deal with the aimlessness within or the activities of insurgents and terrorists in the country. Please permit me to advice you that you should please forget about anything or everything government in nigeria because they are not sincere and honest in respect to war on insecurity like insurgency and terrorism in the country. Both the Boko haram and nigerian government are using corporate media propaganda to solely manipulate the truth of insecurity in the country.

From henceforth, when you heard about a muslims or christians has been caught by the security forces or church and mosque set on fire or a devout christian from the north or other parts of the country was kidnapped and executed by the Boko haram sect, please don’t allow it to emotionally victimize you or to psychologically traumatize you. Because the Boko haram and the nigerian government are getting the result of what they are doing through the propaganda of deed. So, please don’t allow them to deceive you because they are achieving a purpose with such.

Also, try to desist from Corporate media and reporting terrorism and insurgency. Because the best way to deal with the foreign hands who are backing and sponsoring the insurgents and terrorists in nigeria, nigerian government, nigerian security apparatuses and the so-called western media is to let them to know that you are not ready for conventional war, civil war and sunni Islamic state rather we are fully prepared to die for our country and our continent as nationalists, Pan-Africanists, Black nationalists, genuine federalists, not as Northerners or southerners or Easters or Europeans or Arabians.

In a mastery title, The Gulf of War Did Not Take Place, Baudrillad (1995), pieced together how the United States corporate mass media and their terrorist groups influenced World public opinion to accept its operational perception and definition of world events. The conceptual framework of world events by the US corporate media has largely been manipulated to drive home both her domestic and international interests. With the demise of the Soviet Union, the power of US corporate media to solely manipulate the public became un-limited in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. Since then, terrorism, terrorists and the insurgents resulting social trauma associated with it were summed-up. Conceptualized and corporately packaged simply as 9/11 by the US media. Put in another way, kidnapping and killing of Can chairman from Adamawa state by Boko Haram and arrest of the devout Christian suicide bomber in Kaduna state by Nigerian security forces represents an over-simplification and manipulation of the complex historical evens that led to attacks on the entire people of federal republic of Nigeria. The Nigerian government and its security troops, including the corporate media provided an ideological basis to justify the ruthless counterterrorism and fruitless counterinsurgency policies pursued by the past and present PDP and APC administrations and the pretext for an illegal war on citizens in the country.

Criminologically written by: A marxist certified criminologist and a pan-Africanist security professional and north east regional coordinator for global pan-Africanism network (GPAN), Nigeria chapter.

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