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How we ‘ll handle our campaigns in the midst of Coronavirus pandemic-Edo PDP


In view of the Coronavirus pand‎emic, conducting political campaigns for election at this time is bound to be herculean and would require ingenuity to carry out.

Here, Edo State Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chris Nehikhare, gives insight into how the party intends to handle its campaigns.

“We want to have a campaign whereby we can exhibit and show off the good things of the government, the good qualities of the governor and also be able to create a picture while we look into the future that PDP means well not just for the Edo people but for everybody that lives in Edo and for Nigerians in general.

“Now, the campaigns have indeed started and because of the COVID19 protocol in place, we have to be very careful not to put at risk the citizens of Edo State who are the ones who are going to vote for us on the election.

“So, we are going to follow those protocols strictly to make sure that everybody is healthy and is able to come out on the election and even after the election.

“It is going to be different from the past elections where we have to bring people, mobilize people to one venue, sing and dance and all that. we will now do that in a smaller environment, 20 people, all properly taken care of in case of face masks and all that”.

Nehikhare also said the party will make use of modern communication technology to advantage and to access the electorate at this difficult time.

“Of course, we also have the issue of the area of the modern Communication gadgets, telephones, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“These are communication tools to reach directly to prospective voters. That work in the urban areas and slightly in the rural areas, with the few educated ones in the rural areas but our target is how to reach the majority of the people who are in the rural areas and I am not going to divulge publicly the strategy we have to campaign and to reach these people but the normal door-door, face-to-face campaign will be prominent in our strategies.

“But we are still in the process of designing the method that will be effective and efficient. This will be unveiled as soon as the state’s campaign committee is unveiled, the director general is appointed and all the other campaign directorates unveiled.

“Edo PDP is very, very serious, very, very committed not only winning the next election but giving Edo people a better life.

“We are resetting Edo like we said and there is no better time than now to have Edo reset”, he said.

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