Nigeria using Uber and other taxi apps face long waits and fare hikes amid fuel prices 

Nigerian— Hailing a ride on apps like Uber and Bolt is now almost impossible at certain times of the day in parts of Abuja

Multiple customers told Corruption Reporter that the apps failed to connect them to a driver in recent weeks, resulting in them being late for meetings or stranded at the end of a night out.

Others said they’ve encountered extortionate costs as a result of “surge pricing,” which kicks in when the apps are particularly busy. The problems tend to occur late evening or at the weekend, according to customers.

The issue boils down to the cost of fuel and demand. In other words, there aren’t enough drivers to accept all the journeys being requested. And it has sent prices rising.

Last week that prices for customers are “higher than ever.”

Villig, whose company is valued at 4 billion euros ($4.7 billion), said post-lockdown demand for ride-hailing had rebounded stronger and faster than the company anticipated.

“The supply side in terms of drivers … just haven’t been able to catch up yet,” he said.

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