Yesterday, news broke out that Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna state had enrolled his 6year old son, Abubakar Al-Siddique El-Rufai in the Capital School Malali, Kaduna state — a public school.

The Capital School was renovated in 2018 by the El-Rufai administration for N195 million; this renovation changed the perception of the school and improved the standard greatly. More people are getting drawn to the Capital School with the improved face of the school.

Quality education is a luxury most Nigerians cannot afford. A lot of our public schools lack the basic necessities to aid teaching and learning sessions; this has made more parents favour private teaching institutions over their public counterparts.

The need for a rock solid educational foundation cannot be overemphasized, this places a need for better equipped primary schools made accessible to all Nigerian children at an affordable cost. Beyond the fundamental primary school education, the government should also fund more public secondary schools and tertiary institutions to bring them up to par with their private counterparts.

A lot of states in Nigeria have adopted the free and compulsory primary education scheme and while this is good, we have to ask ourselves if the quality of education received is good enough? In Finland, their comprehensive schools are publicly funded and afford every child equal opportunity to thrive in schools with similar standards; Nigeria can learn a thing or two from the Finnish education strategy.

With better funding of publicly owned schools, rickety private schools will be forced to close down and the competition in the educational sector will be better and our children smarter.  We commend Governor El-Rufai on the positive step he has taken to renovate the school and enrol his son; we encourage other public officials to do the same.

While we are impressed with Governor El-Rufai’s move, we would also want him to fund the renovation of other public schools in Kaduna state because, it is not enough to change the face of one school; other governors and the federal government should take more steps in improving the quality of education in the country.


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