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TAJBank opens National Assembly branch


TAJBANK, Nigeria’s second non-interest financial institution has opened its third office in less than two months of operations at the National Assembly in Abuja.

The launch was attended by the Clerk of the House of Representatives, Mohammed Ataba Sani-Omololu, the bank’s Chairman, Alhaji Tanko Isiaku Gwamna, directors, and staff members.

Gwamna said:  “We are delighted to be here, beyond  that this is a laudable achievement, we are driven by the need to discover and maximise opportunities to deliver the superior benefits of Non-Interest Banking as well as avail our esteemed customers the opportunity to enjoy our outstanding customer service which  has become one of our strongest pillars of our institution.  As such, it was only expected that we would identify such veritable platforms as this in order to continue driving the full benefits of financial integration.

The bank’s founder and Chief Operations Officer, Hamid Joda, noted: “It is indicative that in this short period of business operations we have received such a massive amount of support and encouragement from various bodies and individuals within and outside the country. It is this support and encouragement that drives us as a young financial institution operating in a unique niche as we rapidly expand our frontiers and deliver on our mission to continually provide the very best of products and services to our customers.’’

Its co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Mr Sherif Idi, acknowledged that the financial industry while still challenging, also presents a myriad of exciting opportunities.

He said: “We’re bullishly taking charge of such identified opportunities to ‘thrive and drive’ which is one of our internal maxims. In our dynamic business environment, creating products and services that fully resonate with our customers while addressing their needs is a priority.


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